Enabling Next Industry Blockchain Telecommunication Revolution.

Enabling Next Industry Blockchain Telecommunication Revolution.

The Global Mobile Network Digital Connectivity Provider

GorillaGo is an on-chain protocol, powering the Gorilla mobile apps and SIMs with instant and secure mobile data swap for users to make calls & access mobile internet.

GorillaGo - Redefining the Telecommunication Experience

A Complete Blockchain Telco Ecosystem.

Gorilla provides mobility services in a holistic and consumer-centric manner. Eliminating the use of various disparate payment and telco systems, users and merchants can buy, sell, transfer, top up mobile data and calls via Gorilla GO Token using just an entry-level smartphone. No POS or any other complex systems needed.

A borderless, on-chain blockchain system that can power up your Gorilla SIM anywhere in the world with any telco.

GorillaGo - Redefining the Telecommunication Experience

GorillaGo - The Tech

A Complete Blockchain Telco Ecosystem.

GorillaGO on-chain protocol is engineered and supported by the best-in-class blockchain infrastructure & protocols in the world today. Ensuring strong security guarantees and delivering confidence to our community.

By using blockchain technology, our system on the backend is able to reproduce a perfect-matching ledger of the e-wallets credits system shown on the mobile app. This is Gorilla’s innovative effort to pursue a transparent and immutable ledger on the blockchain that will be beneficial for future audit purposes. We foresee a future where technology transforms a huge percentage of applications to be built on top of a transparent and trustless framework, such as permissionless blockchains and other peer-to-peer protocols.

In further detail, Gorilla GO blockchain network is running on the Ethereum Network. Gorilla GO tokens are minted systematically for each GO in circulation within users’ mobile app; Gorilla GO tokens will be minted when Gorilla’s proprietary SwitchBack into users’ wallet and when users top up their wallet balance. Gorilla will achieve an accurate ledger on the blockchain network which corresponds to the realistic amount of GO circulating in the system.

GorillaGo - The Tech

The Power to Transform Mobile Data!

Anyone . Anywhere . Any Telco.

GorillaGo is an on-chain protocol, powering the Gorilla mobile apps and SIMs with instant and secure mobile data swap for users to make calls & access mobile internet.

Step 1

Download Gorilla App

Download and register an account on the Gorilla app, available on App Store and Play Store.

Step 2

Accumulate GO tokens from SwitchBack

SwitchBack is a great way to get GO tokens! Convert your unused mobile data into GO automatically at the end of your billing cycle for multiple Gorilla Services.

You can also topup Gorilla GO tokens on the mobile app!

Step 3

Offset your bills and many more!

SwitchBack unused data for offsetting your next monthly bill.

SwitchBack unused data for travel roaming data, whenever and wherever you need it!

SwitchBack unused data for local call minutes, SMS and IDD.

Share your unused data with your co-workers and regional team members right from the Gorilla app!

Be a Part of the New Blockchain Telco Revolution!
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GorillaGo Features

GorillaGo is a digital asset in it's class.

Power up your Gorilla SIM for mobile data and international voice calls on the Gorilla mobile app.

A complete blockchain based top up and payment system for merchants & authorised distributors.


Unused data on your SIM will be automatically switched back to GorillaGo in your account at the end of 30days. No unused data, no wastage!

Our revolutionary blockchain tech converts a digital consumable into a digital asset.

Decentralised, Secure and On-chain Transparency

Gorilla Go Token- a digital asset which you can have full transparency and assurance of.

More Rewards. More Benefits

Gorilla membership rewards you with more bonus data and GorillaGo tokens effortlessly as you use your mobile phone.

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By tokenizing mobile data, you can now easily share and, transfer your mobile data with your family & friends anywhere, anytime!

How cool is that?!

The Next-gen Mobile Money

The Next-gen Mobile Money

Mobile Data is the new currency.

GorillaGo is an asset-collateralised, next generation stable 3.0 digital currency that is pegged to DAI Stablecoin. A true decentralised stable coin for everyone to enjoy global seamless mobile connectivity.

  • Freedom from volatility & risk.
  • Increase interoperability.
  • Universal & Borderless.

Going Beyond Telecommunication

Gorilla is embracing the demand for rapid innovation, greater convergence and new services. GorillaGo is beyond powering data in your devices; it is also a sustainable growing digital asset to enable your everyday lives.

GorillaGo For You

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